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Germany joins the Czech initiative to purchase ammunition for Ukraine

Germany will support the Czech initiative to purchase hundreds of thousands of artillery shells for Ukraine in the three-digit million range, government spokesman Steffen Hebestreit said in Berlin on Wednesday.

Hebestreit said the German government has been talking very intensively about this with Prague for some time, adding that “a three-figure sum of one million will be raised” to support the plan, without giving an exact figure.

Although the plan, which aims to acquire 800,000 artillery shells from third countries outside the European Union, has not yet been completed, this will certainly happen in the very near future, according to the spokesperson.

The Ukrainian army, which has been fending off a large-scale Russian invasion for more than two years, has found itself increasingly on the defensive in recent weeks due to a lack of ammunition.

Russia, on the other hand, has increased its own defense production and also receives ammunition from North Korea and Iran. French President Emmanuel Macron also said during a visit to Prague on Tuesday that Paris would join the initiative.

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Czech President and former NATO Secretary General Petr Pavel said in mid-February at the Munich Security Conference that about half a million 155mm caliber bullets and 300,000 122mm caliber bullets had been “identified” abroad.

Some media reports suggest that the ammunition could have come from countries such as South Korea, South Africa and Turkey.

The Czech initiative is seen as a response to a stalled EU plan to supply 1 million artillery ammunition to Ukraine.

In addition to France and Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Canada, Denmark and Lithuania have also pledged to help finance the scheme.

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