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Ghost gun parts seized at Massena port

Mar. 1—MASSENA — A traveler faces a misdemeanor charge of criminal possession of an undetectable firearm after U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents found 3D-printed gun parts at the Port of Massena as the person attempted to return to the United States Thursday evening .

A news release from US Customs and Border Protection said agents encountered a passenger car occupied by a 21-year-old man whom they did not identify. They said the person presented a Native Tribal document as proof of identification and was referred for a secondary inspection. They said after the person exited the vehicle, officers found a 3D printed lower receiver of a handgun. A subsequent personal search by the passenger led to the discovery of three metal pieces that fit into the receiver.

The individual was taken into custody and treated by CBP officers. After processing, the firearm parts and subject matter were turned over to state police, who were charged with criminal possession of an undetectable firearm.

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“Our CBP officers screen all travelers entering the United States and continue to achieve excellent results from our collaboration with local law enforcement,” Port Director Robert Dwyer said in a statement. “This meeting highlights the removal of key components of a potential ‘ghost gun’ and is another example of how our combined services are keeping our community safe.”

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