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Graham expects the Senate to approve the aid package for Israel and Ukraine, despite the House of Representatives’ bill

(RS.C.) said Sunday he expects the Senate to pass a bill that includes aid for both Israel and Ukraine, despite the House only passing an aid package for Israel that included offsets that Democrats and the White House opposed .

Asked whether a bill with funding for both Israel and Ukraine will pass the Senate, Graham said he expects it will, just days after a Republican Party-backed House bill that would provide $14.3 billion dollars in aid to Israel alone.

“I am in favor of supporting Ukraine,” Graham said. “We cannot pull the plug on Ukraine and let Putin get away with this. There goes Taiwan if you do that. I am absolutely for Israel. So I think you’ll probably see a package of border security, funding for Ukraine, and funding for Israel come out of the Senate as one package. I would support that,” Graham told CNN’s State of the Union.

Republicans in the House of Representatives tied the Israeli aid package to cuts to the IRS — a move that has met with broad opposition from Democrats, including from the White House, since the IRS funding was part of the Inflation Reduction Act. Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) announced On Thursday, he said his chamber would not accept the “deeply flawed proposal.”

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Instead, he has pledged to work with senators from both parties on a package that includes funding for Israel, Ukraine, competition with the Chinese government and humanitarian aid for Gaza. Many Republicans also want border security funding to be included in the broader bill. The White House also denounced the Republican Party’s proposal, saying it “politicizes our national security interests.”

Graham was an outspoken advocate of supporting both Israel and Ukraine in their respective wars. He said last week that there is “no limit” to the number of Palestinian deaths, which would cast doubt on support for Israel.

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