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Homestead officer charged with domestic violence after argument with woman, officials say

A Homestead police officer’s argument with his wife over marital problems last week landed him behind bars — prompting the department to put him on leave, officials say. The domestic dispute escalated to the point where his wife had to fend him off with a shower curtain rod.

Diego Quiroga, 39, faces one count of aggravated battery. Quiroga was no longer in prison and was ordered by a judge to stay away from his wife.

The Homestead Police Department said it placed him on administrative leave without pay.

Around midnight Thursday, Homestead police were called to a domestic battery involving Officer Quiroga and his wife, according to an arrest report.

Quiroga told officers that an argument broke out between the two over infidelity and text messages, one of several fights in recent days.

According to Quiroga, his wife took the dispute to another level when she started hitting and scratching his face and chest. In an attempt to push her away, he cut off her left cheek.

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His wife then went to the bathroom, where he used her phone to call 911, he told officers.

However, she told a different story to the officers. She was upset about an upcoming trip, which led to an argument that led to Quiroga grabbing her phone before throwing it at her, cutting her cheek, the report said.

At the time, the officers could not decide who was the aggressor between the two as they gave conflicting statements. They opted to turn the incident over to a detective and allowed Quiroga to pack his things and leave for the night.

The detective determined that Quiroga was actually the aggressor, according to the report. Their investigation revealed what allegedly happened that night.

Quiroga insisted on discussing their marital problems. When his wife ignored his attempts, he grabbed her phone and threw it at her. When she was hit, a fight ensued that continued into the bathroom, the report said.

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She armed herself with a shower curtain rod to fend off her husband.

The detective’s findings led Homestead police to arrest Quiroga Thursday afternoon.

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