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Honda is unveiling a range of sleek electric vehicles for China and they’re far more exciting than anything we’ll see in the rest of the world

Honda has unveiled a new range of slick, sporty and decidedly forward-looking electric vehicles, consisting of two SUVs and a low-slung four-door GT with a racing-inspired cabin… but there’s a catch.

The Ye Series, which will be joined by another three concepts in the very near future, is destined for China only and will be fully unveiled in the flesh at the Beijing Motor Show next week.

Honda says the models are a joint venture between itself and Dongfeng Honda and GAC Honda, two companies active in the Chinese domestic market. Despite looking like concept vehicles, the P7 and S7 SUVs will go on sale by the end of the year.

The two sharply styled crossovers ride on a newly developed special platform and are designed for the “pleasure of driving,” according to the somewhat clumsy press release that accompanied the announcement.

Honda Ye series

Honda Ye series

They will be offered in single-motor rear-wheel drive or dual-motor all-wheel drive, and are specifically designed to provide “sporty and sharp handling”, although the company is silent on battery capacity, range and charging times.

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Compared to the e:Ny1 and the Prologue, due in the US later this year, they are more futuristic overall, with cameras that replace conventional door mirrors and longer, wider and lower stances on the road.

To rub further salt in the wounds of Western customers, Honda has also said it plans to offer a production version of the low-slung and rather attractive GT Concept, which the Japanese company claims will feature a ‘driver’ seating position and has ‘dynamic performance’. “.

There’s no word on the interiors of all three models (we’ll have to wait for the Beijing Auto Show for that), but Honda has said these China-focused electric vehicles will feature AI-powered assistants, plenty of space inside, and funky LED lighting that can be personalized with specific lighting patterns.

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Analysis: Is this proof that hybrids are still prevalent in Europe and the US?

Honda Ye seriesHonda Ye series

Honda Ye series

Honda’s decision to offer perhaps its most exciting models since the innovative and stylish E exclusively to Chinese customers could be a good indication that Honda believes hybrids and – dare we say it – internal combustion engines are still the powertrain of choice for most customers everywhere else.

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China is already ahead of the rest of the world when it comes to the use of electric vehicles, with a whopping 7.7 million units sold in 2023 alone. The country accounts for almost 60 percent of EV sales worldwide and more than half of the electric cars currently on the road are found there.

So it looks like if we want to see the results of Honda’s exciting and experimental new design language, we’ll have to start buying more battery-electric vehicles. Otherwise we are left with the decidedly safe e:Ny1, Prologue and a handful of plug-in hybrids.

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