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How Klay hilariously saved Draymond with a heroic boat flight

How Klay Hilariously Saved Draymond with a Heroic Boat Adventure originally appeared on NBC Sports Bay Area

Captain Klay Thompson came to the rescue when Draymond Green needed him most.

The Warriors guard, who enjoys his many nautical voyages across San Francisco Bay on his boat, has traversed the seas with a handful of his Golden State teammates in recent years.

Except Green. Until recently.

Green joined former NBA forward Carmelo Anthony and co-host Kid Mero on the latest episode of the “7PM in Brooklyn” podcast, where he discussed the first time he ever rode Thompson’s boat.

“It happened with Rudy Gobert and I went to LA,” Green explained. “I went to my safe place, I went home and I went to LA and I came back and I flew to Oakland. The Bay Bridge was closed, there was a protest on the Bay Bridge and it was about the Gaza thing and all of that.

“So they were on the bridge and you couldn’t get over the bridge, so I couldn’t get to the gym. Klay came across the water in his boat to pick me up at Jack London Square in Oakland. [Warriors vice president, team operations Eric Housen] I tried to get the police to walk me through it, like nothing could work. You couldn’t cross. So he came over on the boat, and he and E. Housen came to pick me up. And this was right after I had been with Rudy Gobert, so it was the perfect time…he came to pick me up and that was my first time on his boat.”

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Thompson often commutes to the Warriors facility at Chase Center on his boat, so it was a perfect fit for Green to be just a pit stop away.

Considering how bad traffic can be in the Bay Area, it may be wise for Thompson and his Warriors teammates to embrace different modes of transportation.

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