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How Manayunk’s Fat Lady Brewing’s circus theme provides a community bar for everyone

Celebrating Women’s History Month at Fat Lady Brewing

Celebrating Women’s History Month at Fat Lady Brewing


PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – March 1 marks the first day of Women’s History Month. To kick off the month of celebration, CBS News Philadelphia traveled to Manayunk to spotlight someone breaking glass ceilings in the world of brewing.

Fat Lady Brewing owner Jane Lipton does this every day.

“You know, we tend to think of beer as a man’s drink and a sports-related drink, right? We tend to think of it that way. Come to Fat Lady Brewing, half of our customer base is women, groups of women ,” Lipton said.

Lipton founded Fat Lady Brewing in 2021, one of the few women-owned breweries in the Delaware Valley. The brewery is located on Main Street in Manayunk.

“Groups of women like to come to Fat Lady Brewing because our tables aren’t exactly next to each other; there’s space, it’s friendly, it’s open,” Lipton said.

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The brewery has a circus theme to let everyone know that everyone is welcome.


“The overall concept is a circus theme, which takes us towards our goal of being a community bar,” Lipton explains. “The circus used to be a community. People made it their family. Everyone fit in. You found a niche and you could be there for life in a group of people who were open-minded and thought the way you thought and embraced You.”


Fat Lady Brewing hosts events every night of the week and recently partnered with Second Helping Barbecue to offer food.

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