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how many agricultural products Poland imported from Russia

Poland imported $2.6 billion worth of goods from Russia and $450 million from Belarus in 2023. If only agricultural products are considered, their imports from Russia to Poland reached $ 117 million, exceeding the 2021 level, that is, the level before the large-scale crisis. war.

Source: data from the Ekonomichna Pravda article

Details: “In particular, the import of grains and oilseeds has more than doubled, while the import of oil has remained virtually unchanged. At the same time, imports of flour and other processing residues have fallen from $25 million in 2021 to just $1 million in 2023,” the article says.

The situation is similar in Polish trade with Belarus. Imports of grains, oilseeds and flour gradually increased in both 2022 and 2023. In total, Poland took paid Belarusians $55 million for agricultural products last year.

As a reference: Agricultural products are defined as the volume of trade in goods classified as HS 10 Cereals, HS 12 Oilseeds, HS 15 Seeds and HS 23 Processing residues and grain. Food products are not included.

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“To understand the magnitude of this problem, however, two facts must be taken into account. The volume of Polish imports from Russia and Belarus is significantly lower than imports from Ukraine. Last year, Ukraine sold $1.3 billion worth of agricultural products. to Poland, while Russia and Belarus sold $117 million and $55 million respectively,” the article said.

Apart from wheat, Poland hardly imports any other goods from Russia and Belarus, against which Ukraine had imposed an embargo. The only item left is Russian sunflower seeds, but in small volumes – about $50,000 per month.


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