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Hundreds of women gather for a fundraiser in South Jersey to support Israel

CHERRY HILL NJ (CBS) – Local Jewish community groups continue to find ways to reach out to people in Israel.

As President Joe Biden expresses his support for Israel, we see support spreading to South Jersey.

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The fundraiser was a way for the community to come together and do something for Israel. They quickly put everything together and the turnout spoke for itself.

Hundreds of women gathered in a spirit of unity to support their brothers and sisters abroad.

They fulfilled the mitzvah of baking Challah Thursday evening at Chabad in Cherry Hill.

“Challah is a very traditional special bread for all of us. It’s something we eat every Friday night on Shabbat and it has a lot of symbolism in it,” one woman said.

“We really want everyone to do the Mitzvah of Challah, which is a commandment in the Bible, because we are here to strengthen our sisters and brothers in Israel,” one woman said. “They fight militarily and we fight spiritually.”

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The women arrived in shifts throughout the day, gathering their own ingredients in the center of the room and putting a little effort into the mixing.

“For us, we said, ‘Can we get this done in 36 hours?’ And we are overwhelmed by all these women who want to come together to do good, to help and to pray,” one woman said.

“The idea is that women can come in, come out and do something that is quick but still meaningful, give money to support Israel, feel united and part of a community and go home with a delicious Challah” , said a woman.

“It’s so heartwarming because I think a lot of us have felt alone and helpless about what we can do, and that being together shows more than anything how much the community needed that,” he said.


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The community said they will continue to pray for peace and security. They are grateful for President Biden’s support.

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“The president’s support, America stands with Israel. The fact that we can hear that is everything. It is number one in our hearts and minds every day,” one woman said.

“We are in the fight with them, they are in the front and we are the morale in the back,” one woman said.

All money raised on Thursday evening will go directly to the soldiers and victims in Israel. They said every dollar helps and they raised about $10,000 in about three days.

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