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‘I’d be a terrible dad’ – poor dad’s rich dad Robert Kiyosaki and his wife made the decision never to have kids, says kids these days are a ‘bunch of snowflakes’ who can’t handle a tough Navy dad like him

Robert Kiyosaki, the author known for his bestseller “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” recently shared insights into his personal life and financial strategies during an interview with Vlad TV.

Kiyosaki and his wife made a conscious decision not to have children, a decision he openly discusses. The author believes that his background and personal traits are not suited to parenthood, admitting, “I would be a terrible father.”

Kiyosaki, who also has a background as a US Marine, attributes his decision to the tough upbringing he experienced and the realization that his potential parenting style may not be suitable for the current generation. He expressed concern that his approach may be too harsh, noting the difference in resilience between previous generations and what he sees as “a bunch of snowflakes today.”

Kiyosaki’s military experience profoundly shaped his perspective, as he shared, “I was a pilot in Vietnam. I went to school to kill people. I’ve killed a lot of people. Went to military school. We think differently.” His time in the military, especially as a pilot in Vietnam, instilled in him a mentality focused on survival and discipline and facing harsh realities – qualities he believes are lacking in today’s society.

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This statement underlines the dramatic contrast between Kiyosaki’s life experiences and the education he believes the current generation is receiving. Kiyosaki’s reflection on his past highlights a broader commentary on the changing nature of resilience and resilience in contemporary culture.

In addition to personal decisions about family life, Kiyosaki also posthumously delved into his plans for his wealth. The financial educator outlined a clear strategy to ensure his wealth continues to serve educational purposes without being diminished by taxes. “We are going to create a foundation,” Kiyosaki declared, revealing his intention to channel his accumulated wealth into charitable efforts. He explained the use of Charitable Remainder Trusts (CRTs) as a means of managing his assets, ensuring that upon the death of his wife and himself the wealth would support the Rich Dad Foundation.

Kiyosaki’s approach to wealth management reflects his broader financial philosophy, focused on minimizing tax liabilities and maximizing the impact of his wealth. “So we don’t pay taxes on death either,” he said, highlighting his strategy to avoid what he sees as a financial burden that typically falls on the middle class.

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He has long advocated leveraging real estate investing as a core component of building wealth, stating that he owns more than 12,000 properties acquired with debt. His strategy revolves around two key beliefs: the ability of real estate to generate stable rental income in addition to capital growth, and the sophisticated use of debt to enhance investment returns while minimizing tax liabilities.

Tax strategy plays a crucial role in Kiyosaki’s approach, as he highlights the significant tax benefits available to real estate investors. These benefits include deductions for operating expenses, property management and depreciation, which can significantly reduce taxable income. By strategically designing investments, Kiyosaki argues that investors can shield most of their cash flow from taxes, increasing overall returns.

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