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In 2023, rents for German agricultural land will rise again

A rapeseed field begins to bloom. Jan Woitas/dpa

Rents for agricultural land in Germany have risen significantly in recent years, reaching an average cost per hectare of €357 last year, according to government figures released on Friday.

According to the German Federal Statistical Office, average rents increased by 9% last year compared to 2020, when the rent for a hectare was €329.

According to the report, there were large regional differences in rental prices.

While an average lease payment of €99 per hectare was estimated for the state of Saarland, which borders Luxembourg and France, in the more northern state of North Rhine-Westphalia an average of €560 was due.

In Lower Saxony (€548), Schleswig-Holstein (€479) and Bavaria (€415) rents were also significantly higher than the national average.

In 2023, about 85% of farms in Germany were sole proprietorships, with just over half operated as a sideline by a farmer with another job. These farms were generally small, with an average area of ​​46 hectares.

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Larger companies, including partnerships, corporations and other types of businesses, made up the rest. But those farms were typically more than three times as large, with an average of 176 hectares per farm – and together cultivated about 39% of all agricultural land in Germany.

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