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Infamous “Snake Burglar,” who stole from more than 50 businesses, pleads guilty to charges

Christopher Michael Paul Jackson, infamously dubbed the “Snake Burglar” for his bizarre habit of slithering around a business before stealing from them, was sentenced on Thursday after pleading guilty to more than 50 counts of felony burglary.

Jackson during sentencing. 

Riverside County District Attorney

Jackson, 32, was arrested back in April after he was caught in the act of stealing from a Riverside business. However, he was released due to the “non-violent” nature of his crimes, and was ineligible to receive prison time. 

He was dubbed the Snake Burglar for his “attempts to slide along the ground to avoid detection while breaking into businesses,” police said in a statement. 

He’s been arrested on multiple occasions, but has continuously been released because of current sentencing laws in California. 

Investigators were able to connect him to more than 70 burglaries in Riverside County, and even though he was previously ordered to serve six different 16 month sentences in jail — after pleading guilty to 23 felonies he was charged with at the time of his April arrest — California law allowed him to get out after just 10 days behind bars. 

On Thursday, he again plead guilty to a wide array of crimes, 54 different counts of felony burglary to be exact, but was able to slither his way out of prison time again, instead receiving a sentence of seven months in jail, 12 years of mandatory supervision and ordered to pay restitution of at least $158,235 in restitution. 

“Jackson was expected to be released from custody after today’s sentencing,” police said, due to California Penal Code section 4019, which gives county jail inmates “good time” credit for time in custody. 

He frequently burglarized places like restaurants, health clinics, medical offices and beauty salons, and as a result of his repeat convictions, he has been ordered to stay at least 100 yards from those types of businesses. He will also have to complete a six-month residential substance abuse program, as well as be required to wear a GPS-monitoring bracelet for the entirety of his 12-year mandatory supervision.

“Unfortunately, this case, although uniquely named, is not unique in California,” said Riverside County District Attorney Michael Hestrin. “It is unconscionable that a habitual offender like Christopher Jackson can steal hundreds of thousands of dollars from hard-working people, admit to it, and legally serve less time in jail than the time it will take his hundreds of victims to recoup their losses.”

Jackson was again released from jail after pleading guilty to the charges late Thursday evening. 

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