HomeBusinessInventory forecasts from Tractor Supply Company (TSCO).

Inventory forecasts from Tractor Supply Company (TSCO).


Tractor Supply Co., with 2023 sales of $14.6 billion, offers a wide range of items for home, land, pet and livestock owners, who generally have above-average incomes and below-average costs of living. TSCO, based in Brentwood, Tennessee, has five product categories: livestock and companion animals (pets) (combined 52% of sales); Seasonal and recreational products (22%); Hardware, tools and trucks (16%); Clothing, gifts and decoration (7%) and agriculture (3%). More than 85% of the company’s customers have pets and animals. The company ended 2023 with more than 2,400 stores in 49 states: 2,216 under the Tractor Supply banner and 198 Petsense stores. 60% of the stores are freestanding and 40% are located in shopping centers. Texas has 253 stores. North Carolina has 118; Florida, 111; Georgia, 108; Pennsylvania, 110; Tennessee 105; and Ohio 103. Stores are typically an hour or more outside major cities. Tractor Supply, founded in 1982 from the assets of a catalog company that had sold agricultural supplies since 1938, is converting its

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