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Iran claims self-defense after bombing Damascus

Moscow expressed concern on Sunday over the escalation in the Middle East following Iran’s overnight attacks on Israel, accusing Western powers of failing to respond to the earlier attack on the Iranian consulate in Damascus.

“Unfortunately, due to the position of the Western members, the [UN] “The Security Council was unable to provide an appropriate response to the attack on the Iranian consular mission,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

Iran invoked its right to self-defense under the UN Charter, it added. At the time, Russia had condemned the April 1 airstrike on the grounds of the Iranian embassy in the Syrian capital. Israel is widely seen as behind the attack and has not denied responsibility.

Moscow placed the Iranian response in the context of numerous unresolved conflicts in the Middle East, especially between Israel and the Palestinians. These conflicts were “fueled by irresponsible provocative actions,” the report said.

“We call on all parties involved in the conflict to exercise restraint,” the State Department statement said, calling for political and diplomatic efforts to resolve the issues with the help of “constructive international players.”

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Russia and Iran, both facing sanctions from Western powers, have strengthened ties in recent years.

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