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Iran’s nuclear chief says the IAEA chief will travel to Tehran for talks

The head of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Rafael Grossi, will soon travel to Tehran to resume nuclear talks with Iran, a top Iranian official said on Wednesday.

“We have good cooperation with the IAEA and the IAEA head will also come to Tehran soon to continue the bilateral talks and update them, so to speak,” Iranian nuclear chief Mohammad Eslami said, according to Iran’s IRNA news agency .

Grossi said in an interview with CNN on Tuesday that he was “considering” visiting Tehran.

“I don’t have a date or I would tell you,” he said.

Grossi has long been trying to get answers from Iran about secret nuclear activities in the past, and told the broadcaster that there were still some important information gaps.

Following the failure of the 2015 international nuclear deal, which was intended to prevent Tehran from developing nuclear weapons, Iran has failed to meet its technical obligations under the deal in recent years.

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Of particular concern is the enrichment of uranium up to 60 percent, despite Iran only being allowed to allow 4 percent under the agreement.

Tehran says the country is technically capable of increasing the enrichment process to 90 percent. This would then also make it possible to build an atomic bomb. However, Iranian leaders continue to insist that the construction of weapons of mass destruction is not on the country’s military agenda.

Iran’s nuclear program has repeatedly raised tensions between the Islamic Republic and Western countries, as well as between Iran’s arch-enemy Israel. Experts say Iran’s peaceful use of near-weapon-grade uranium is unlikely. There are also said to be unresolved nuclear projects and secret nuclear facilities to which Iran does not grant the IAEA access.

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