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Ja’Marr Chase doubles down on Browns’ pre-game trash talk, angry that Bengals ‘lost to a couple of elves’

Ja’Marr Chase provided some message board material last week, calling the Cleveland Browns “elfs.”

On Sunday, after his Bengals lost 24-3 to the Browns, Chase doubled down, providing further bulletin board material for Cincinnati’s division rivals.

“I’m just frustrated because I called their Elves, and we lost to some Elves,” Chase said. ‘I’m angry on my part. I’m angry from that side.’

When asked about any backlash from his “elf” comments, Chase had this to say.

“If they have a problem with something I say now, they are soft.” Chase continued. “If they’re soft when you say elves, then they’re soft.”

Once again, Chase’s Bengals lost by 21 points. Cincinnati’s offense was terrible, gaining 350 yards to 142. Bengals punter Brad Robbins nearly tripled his team’s offensive output with 409 yards on 10 punts. Chase, a two-time Pro Bowler in two NFL seasons, racked up 39 yards on five catches.

How did this all start?

In case you missed it, here’s the start of all the elf commentary.

“It’s a normal game for me,” Chase said Thursday. ‘It doesn’t feel any different. It’s the fuss and the shouting about the Cleveland, er, Browns. I was about to call them the ‘Elfs’. … If you ask me, I don’t really pay attention to it because Cleveland is Cleveland.

And in case you missed it, here’s Brownie the Elf, Cleveland’s mascot and the inspiration for Chase’s trash talk.

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Brownie the Elf. (AP Photo/David Richard)

Browns players didn’t miss it. They were quick to echo Chase’s comments in the aftermath of Sunday’s win.

They certainly didn’t miss his comments after the match either. The Browns and Bengals meet again in Week 18, with potential playoff implications on the line for both teams.

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