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Jury selection begins in the murder trial of Chicago landlords

CHICAGO (CBS) — The trial of a woman accused of killing and dismembering her landlord in far northwest Chicago began Monday.

Sandra Kolalou is accused of it murder of 69-year-old Frances Walker and storing her body parts in a freezer.

Jury selection began Monday, but the trial could not be completed due to all the potential jury conflicts.

They chose 12, but need two more alternate jurors before opening statements can begin in this gruesome case.

Monday’s jury selection proceedings came after months of delays.

The gruesome murder that shocked the Arcadia Terrace community occurred in October 2022.

Prosecutors said Sandra Kolalou brutally murdered and dismembered her landlord, Frances Walker, in anger after being evicted from her room.

It was days after Walker received complaints from other tenants about Kalalou. When Walker went missing, tenants called the police.

Prosecutors said Kolalou called a tow truck to take her to Foster Beach, where her broken-down car was parked.

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The tow truck driver saw her dump a black garbage bag into a trash can. On the beach, collected blood and blood-soaked rags were found inside.

Investigators later discovered parts of Walker’s body in a bag on Foster Beach and in the home’s freezer.

Kolalou was charged with Walker’s death and covering up the murder. On Monday, some members of Walker’s family expressed their support in court.

Kolalou’s defense team asked whether the inheritance details were admissible at trial and suggested that it was not Kolalou, but Walker’s husband who had a motive to commit the murder.

Prosecutors said Walker’s husband could be called as a witness.

Jury selection continues Tuesday. Jurors were told to expect this case to continue into early next week.

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