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Kayla Harrison makes weight for UFC 300 bantamweight bout against Holly Holm

Kayla Harrison has already answered her doubters on one point in her UFC 300 bantamweight fight against Holly Holm.

Harrison weighed 136 pounds at Friday’s official weigh-in, hitting the 135-pound limit. (Non-title fighters are allowed to be one pound above the weight class.) Whether or not she could lose enough weight to make that limit was a concern leading up to the fight.

As an Olympian, Harrison won gold medals in London (2012) and Rio de Janeiro (2016) at 171 pounds. As a professional in the PFL, she has fought at 155 pounds for almost her entire career, including at PFL 10 last November.

However, Harrison’s coach, Mike Brown, had no doubt that she would be able to cut a significant amount of weight within months.

“I thought she could do it,” Brown told MMA Fighting’s Damon Martin. “I thought it was a commitment, it’s not easy, but it’s a weight saving.”

“But she really wasn’t losing weight at 155,” he added. “She fought at lightweight and she wasn’t actually a lightweight. That’s the weight class that the PFL had. She fought girls much bigger than her in the PFL. I think it would be really helpful if she lost some weight. “

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Harrison makes her UFC debut against Holm on Saturday. As a professional, she has a record of 16-1 with six knockouts and six wins by submission.

Holm is a former UFC bantamweight champion best known for handing Ronda Rousey her first defeat, ending her undefeated streak and three-year run as the titleholder at the 2015 UFC 193. Her record is 15-6, including a 3-1 mark in her past five fights. In Holm’s last fight, a loss to Mayra Bueno Silva was turned into a no contest due to a positive drug test.

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