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Klay Thompson yelled at Kerr, the coaching staff, when he initially went to the bench, but he is in a good place

Golden State Warriors vs. New York Knicks

In six games coming off the bench for the Warriors, Klay Thompson is averaging 19.2 points per game with a 62.4 true shooting percentage and shooting 44.1% from 3 – all numbers higher than in the 49 games he started before that. He does all that in three minutes less per game.

Klay Thompson is thriving in his bench role — and the Warriors are 5-1 in those six games — but that doesn’t mean he handled it well when he was first told what was going on. ESPN’s Kendra Andrews took a deep dive into Thompson’s sixth-man role and got this from Steve Kerr.

Thompson initially did not take the news well. Kerr told ESPN that Thompson yelled at him and some assistants. He later returned to apologize to the coaches.

“It wasn’t an easy conversation,” Kerr said. “This may be the hardest part of getting further away from our best years. It’s just after twelve years [of Thompson starting], it wasn’t easy. And if we still move forward, it won’t be easy. But I told him, ‘If you really embrace it, you can help your team win.'”

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You cannot blame a competitor for reacting this way. Kerr and Thompsons said it was a wise decision to make the move just before the All-Star break, giving Thompson time to digest the change and come into it with a better attitude (although he was 35 scored points in that first game from the bench). , so he handled it well that evening).

This season, we had a front-row seat to see how Thompson dealt with his basketball mortality. He’s a future Hall of Fame player and part of one of the NBA’s great dynasty teams, but few players can end their careers on their own terms. Few take the John Elway exit. Thompson and the Warriors as a whole are dealing with that as they enter their dynasty era — Kerr took a long time to start Jonathan Kuminga and Brandin Podziemski, giving this roster what it needed to have a chance at a run this season. It is not easy to accept that we are no longer what we once were and that things have changed both within us and around us. Golden State has struggled with that from top to bottom.

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Fortunately for Thompson, he seems to have found his way and is now thriving. He and Chris Paul off the bench dramatically change the non-Stephen Curry minutes for the Warriors, and that’s one thing that gives them a chance when the postseason arrives.

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