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Letters to Sports: Saying Goodbye to Caitlin Clark, NCAA Tournaments

The next step for Iowa star Caitlin Clark is the WNBA draft and a professional career. (Matthew Putney/Associated Press)

South Carolina is a great undefeated national championship team. It’s a travesty that the NCAA doesn’t award the tournament’s Most Outstanding Player to Caitlin Clark. It was a noble gesture by coach Dawn Staley to recognize Clark as a “GOAT of our sport” in her postgame interview.

Brad Kearns

Stateline, Nev.


Clearly, South Carolina was too big, too deep and too well-coached to overcome even the great Caitlin Clark.

After an impressive 18-point first quarter, she all but disappeared with just 12 points for the rest of the game. And in the closing minutes, the Hawkeyes trailed by just six points and were within striking distance of a miraculous comeback. But instead of Clark putting her team on her back and taking it home, she nearly sealed the win for South Carolina with several turnovers and botched layups.

While she could indeed be the projected “Steph Curry” of the WNBA, that wasn’t a GOAT-like performance in her final college game.

Rik Salomon

Lake Balboa

Back to the future

Dan Hurley’s hackneyed antics would almost be amusing if he weren’t just another in a long line of abusive coaches who achieved success despite themselves. Yell at the referees, your players, opponents? I’ve seen it before. Stalking in court with blood-ripping threats? Ho-hum. Walking onto the field during a timeout to berate the opponent’s two-time national player of the year? That was a new honor there. Idolatry displaced sportsmanship and decency, while the NCAA and the media ignored these excesses.

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Kevin Park

Oklahoma City


The Connecticut Huskies deserve credit for winning back-to-back championships and twelve straight tournament games, but their performance still falls far short of that of the UCLA basketball teams 50 years ago. From 1964-1974, the Bruins won 38 consecutive NCAA games in 10 tournaments, including nine championships (seven in a row) and four undefeated seasons, while averaging 85 points per game (and a margin of victory of 18 points per game). This all happened before the three-point basket and shot clock were introduced into the college game. Coach Hurley’s Huskies still have a long way to go in the rarefied atmosphere of John Wooden’s Bruins teams.

Noel Johnson


Act of Contrition

For just a paragraph, Bill Plaschke was contrite in his column, admitting that he didn’t know what he was writing about when he went after Shohei Ohtani for his alleged gambling problems. Without the humility to accept his ignorance, he decides that Ohtani should fire his “indulgent agent Nez Balelo.” That would be like me firing The Times just because it chooses to hire a writer who doesn’t do his homework. Hmm, maybe that’s something for you.

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Rich Sperber

Woody hills


Shohei Ohtani gets scammed out of $16 million by a sports gambler, but it seems like every other television commercial is a FanDuel or a DraftKings promo to encourage MLB betting. What’s wrong with this photo?

Bob Goldstone

Corona del Mar

Visionary thought

The Lakers certainly could have used Anthony Davis in the game against the Warriors last week. How many times does AD have to get hit in the eye before he decides to wear goggles? Can someone message Kareem Abdul-Jabbar or James Worthy to lend him a pair?

Richard Raffalow

Valley Glen

Betting on horse racing

Given the failure of the recent online gambling ballot initiatives, I think it would make more sense for the state to set up its own online gambling platform in California and then earn the tax revenue and distribute the net proceeds to the tribes (say 60-70 %). and the horse racing industry, including racetracks and breeders (30-40%). It would be fair to the tribes and revive horse racing in California. The state runs its own lottery. Why not a gambling website? Or let the tribes set up their own gambling platforms and let Santa Anita do the same – both taxed by the state, of course. It’s ridiculous that the largest state in the union doesn’t accept online betting. We need the tax revenue and Santa Anita could significantly increase its purse structure (perhaps the highest in the country) to attract more horses and stabilize the entire industry. And the state would keep its promise to the tribes. Do it, Governor Newsome!

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Morty Mittenthal


Blue in the face

The incessant banter between Joe Davis and Orel Hershiser during every Dodgers game ruined the viewing experience for me. After all these years of listening to Vin Scully, this constant talking from Orel has ruined it. Why the Dodgers didn’t see what was going on when the game was called is beyond comprehension. This should be a ball game and not just a talk show. I hope other fans feel the same way and will make their feelings known to the team.

Marty Olinick

Western Hills

Bravo, Sam!

Sam Farmer’s piece about Jim Harbaugh living in an RV and loving Jim Garner and “The Rockford Files” was a hilarious, moving and classic Hollywood story.

Another example of great new longform journalism that I’m really enjoying at my hometown newspaper!

Henry Rosenfeld

Santa Monica


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This story originally appeared in the Los Angeles Times.

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