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Lithuania is urging the EU to find more money for Ukraine during the revision of the EU budget

The European Union should mobilize more resources in its revised long-term budget to support Ukraine and supplement EU funds for military mobility.

Source: This was stated on Saturday by Gintarė Skaistė, the Minister of Finance of Lithuania, reports the European Pravda citing Reuters.

Details: As part of the revision of the EU budget for 2021-2027, the European Commission proposed in June to allocate €50 billion to Ukraine in the form of grants and loans to financially support Kiev in the fight against Russian aggression.

This year the EU will pay Ukraine 18 billion euros in the form of highly concessional loans, but if the supply remains at the level of 50 billion euros, Ukraine will receive only 12.5 billion euros per year from 2024 to 2027.

Quote: “If you divide the amount of euros stated in the proposal over four years, the amount will be lower than this year. So our proposal is that maybe we can reach the same level as in 2023,” Skaistė said.

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“If we have the same level as in 2023, it would be 72 billion,” she added.

She said the revision of the EU budget should also include more money for military mobility – roads, ports, bridges and airports that allow armed forces to move quickly – as the €1.7 billion originally earmarked for these purposes allocated is not enough.

“We see the need for military mobility infrastructure increasing. For Lithuania alone this amounts to more than one billion euros,” she said.

EU governments are aiming to agree on a revised budget for the 2021-2027 period by the end of 2023, but negotiations have been difficult as the European Commission has also requested an additional €15 billion to address migration issues and for extra money to cover the rising refugee flows. the financing costs for the EU’s common debt due to the increase in interest rates.

To cover part of the costs, the EU administration wants governments to allocate new special revenue streams from CO2 emissions trading and 0.5% of the notional profit base of EU companies calculated by Eurostat.

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In July, European Union finance ministers unanimously supported the allocation of additional resources to Ukraine to supplement its long-term budget.

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