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Little Amal, a three-meter tall puppet of a Syrian refugee, is coming to Boston on Thursday

BOSTON – A little girl is about to embark on a big journey.

On Thursday, Little Amal, a three-foot-tall doll, arrives in Boston to begin a two-month walk across the United States.

The doll of a 10-year-old Syrian refugee has become a global symbol of human rights.

A series of free workshops have been held in Boston over the past month to prepare the community for her visit.

Michelle Coleman, who came to an event, says Little Amal’s arrival “may get the conversation moving a little bit and maybe let people develop some empathy because if we can care about a doll, we can definitely start to care about the people affected by it.” by being displaced. Or even by having a little more compassion and understanding that the reasons people want to come are the same reasons our families came. And by making room for people and allowing them to thrive in a country like us.’

As of July 2021, the doll, made of cane, carbon fiber and other light materials, has visited 15 countries.

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Theater doll little Amal
A 12-foot puppet of a 10-year-old Syrian refugee named Little Amal walks around New York’s Grand Central Station on Sept. 15, 2022.

Seth Wenig/AP

She will do so on September 7 return to the United States.

She’s about to walk from Dewey Square to Chinatown, before heading to Harvard University, where Brisa Areli Munoz, project director of the Harvard event, says, “People will hear live poetry, they’ll see original choreography, they’ll hear original music, all written inspired by Amal’s journey.”

American Repertory Theater and Arts Emerson are collaborating on the events.

The public is welcome on campus from 6 p.m. and Little Amal will appear at 7 p.m.

After Boston, she will travel to more than 35 towns and cities and appear at more than 100 free public events, including this one in the Boston area, before ending her journey in San Diego on November 3.

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