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Local tourism is getting a boost from Germany’s cheap monthly rail pass

Germany’s national railway company says regional train travel has increased by 28% since it introduced the so-called Deutschland Ticket 12 months ago.

Deutsche Bahn board member Evelyn Palla described the pass as “a rocket for regional transport” and said its introduction had significantly increased the number of domestic travellers.

The €49 per month pass allows the wearer unlimited travel on Deutsche Bahn’s domestic network and on most local public transport providers.

“In total, almost two-thirds of passengers in DB’s local and regional transport travel with the Deutschland Ticket, mainly for commuting,” Deutsche Bahn announced on April 30.

While “every second trip” using the pass is to school or work, according to Deutsche Bahn the pass is proving popular for weekend getaways, with passengers using the pass traveling 20% ​​further than those buying single-journey tickets .

Operators in other countries are following Deutsche Bahn, with the Portuguese national service announcing the introduction of a €49 pass last year, and France’s SNCF planning to do the same in time for Paris to host the Olympic Games.

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Deutsche Bahn has now announced several pass options for football fans traveling to Germany to watch the 2024 European Championships.

Demand for domestic and international train travel in Europe appears to be rising as some governments consider extending restrictions on short-haul flights, while several sleeper train routes have been revived, including the Berlin-Paris night route.

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