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Macron’s statement does not help solve Ukraine’s problems – German Defense Minister

German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius has said that the French president Emmanuel MacronUkraine’s call to Ukraine’s allies to “not be cowards” does not help solve the problems with military aid to Ukraine.

Source: Pistorius during a visit to Sweden on March 5, reported by AFP

Details: Pistorius said discussions about Western troops in Ukraine or “whether we have more or less courage” were unnecessary.

“This is something that doesn’t really help solve the problems we have when it comes to helping Ukraine,” Pistorius added.


  • Speaking about Russia’s war against Ukraine, Macron said it was time to act and “not be cowards.”

  • Macron said last week that “we cannot rule out the possibility” of sending Western troops to Ukraine. He later added that his words had been carefully considered.

  • At the same time, Macron’s statements provoked a negative reaction from the governments of allied countries, whose leaders quickly assured that they would not send troops to Ukraine.

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