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Maddow Blog | At the state level, Republican officials are unfazed by false charges from voters

It was just last month when prosecutors in Arizona charged 18 Republicans as part of the party’s 2020 fake voter scheme, resulting in charges of conspiracy, fraud and forgery. Among those charged was Republican Senator Jake Hoffman, who shortly afterwards received even more pleasant news:

Two days after Hoffman was indicted, the Arizona Republican Party thought it would be a good idea to elevate the senator to the Republican National Committee — leaving little doubt that the party simply didn’t care much about the criminal charges he faced. had been issued 48 hours earlier. .

Laurie Roberts of the Arizona Republic summarized in a column shortly thereafter: “The Republican Party of Arizona sent a blunt, resounding, stunning message to the voters of this great state on Saturday. We are crazy, they shouted.’

Two weeks later, it appears a related problem has spread to one of Arizona’s neighbors. The Las Vegas Sun reported:

In case anyone forgets, it was late last year when six Republicans were indicted in Nevada, each of whom served as fake electors for Trump after his 2020 defeat. Six months later, five of the six people charged — including Nevada GOP Chairman Michael McDonald and Vice Chairman Jim Hindle — were chosen as delegates to their party’s upcoming national convention in Milwaukee.

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McDonald and Clark County Republican Chairman Jesse Law, who was included in the December indictment, was also chosen by the state party to serve as this year’s de facto presidential pick in the event the Republican ticket prevails.

Common sense might suggest that the criminal charges would make these Republicans politically radioactive. And yet state party officials in Nevada, as in Arizona, appear completely unfazed by the charges.

“It’s clear we’ve learned lessons,” said Jon Ralston of The Nevada Independent said sarcastically in response to this week’s news.

Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Tai Sims added: “It should come as no shock to anyone that Nevada Republicans have nominated accused fake electors as their 2024 presidential electors. Republicans have been relentlessly pushing dangerous election conspiracy theories for the past four years. that threaten the basic functions of democracy.”

The indicted Republican officials in Nevada have pleaded not guilty. Their cases are expected to go to trial early next year.

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This article was originally published on MSNBC.com

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