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Made in Michigan: Detroit vs. Everyone

Michiganders at Burning Man say it was “the best year yet.”

Michiganders at Burning Man say it was “the best year yet.”


(CBS DETROIT) – For this week’s Michigan Made, CBS News Detroit profiles the clothing brand Detroit vs Everybody.

Mark Russ and Sean Williams are two of the three masterminds behind the clothing brand. Tommey Walker, not mentioned in this report, leads the brand.

“The energy that we have, that we sell to the world, is that hustler mentality,” Williams said.

Russ and Williams say the idea for the brand came out of troubled times in Motown around 2012.

For Russ and Williams, the bad news surrounding their city felt like an attack: “Detroit vs. Everybody.’

So they pushed back.

“Detroit is a place that does cool things and has good people. We’re not the murder capital,” Williams said. “We want people to feel that energy and put it into their world.”

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But now the setback is growing.

“I think the vs brand is on track to grow exponentially in the coming years. With that growth, the existing systems must be supported,” Russ said.

And they take the community with them.

“We’re also for the people. We can make all the money in the world, but we still have to give back to the people who support us or to our community that we’re in,” Williams said.

To give back, the brand has expanded and addressed social issues. Soon it will open a creative space for other designers.

“This is going to be a clothing design center,” said Russ. “It will be a store for the Detroit vs Everybody brand. It will also serve as a store where other creators can come in and be represented in their own space.”

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