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MAGA is mobilizing as Cohen’s testimony draws to a close

It appears that Donald Trump has enlisted a team of his key allies to attack the justice system on his behalf, creating a mob of anti-right supporters. Michael CohenThe damning testimony from his criminal case is coming to an end.

Outside the courthouse Thursday afternoon, the former president — who is charged with falsifying records of hush money payments to influence the election — has drawn allegiance from some of the usual suspects, as well as a Staten Island artist, Scott LoBaido, who has released dozens of photos. of phallic balloons decorated with stickers depicting the likeness of a special counsel Jac SmithManhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, judge Juan Merchanand other legal enemies of MAGA.

“I’m an artist, so what should I do? Return the humiliating favor by humiliating these motherfuckers,” LoBaido told FOX 5 NY outside the courthouse.

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LoBaido wasn’t the only Trump supporter to speak out against prosecutors and the judge in the case. Far-right members of Congress, many of whom are top Trump allies, flooded the courtroom on Thursday, reportedly frustrating Judge Merchan.

In addition to Eric Trump — the only family member of the former president to attend one of his recent legal proceedings — Reps. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., and Lauren Boebert, R-Colo. joined Trump’s entourage.

Earlier this week, Trump was joined by House Speaker Mike Johnson and Senators Tommy Tuberville and JD Vance, who went to New York to try to circumvent the gag order and attack trial witnesses. But if reports that Trump edited statements made by those defending him are true, the silence order may in fact have been violated anyway.

GOP members of Congress siding with the embattled 2024 nominee are slinking away from official business in Washington, DC, potentially putting their relationship with Trump above their own party’s control of the House of Representatives. Without at least four key Republican votes on the court, the majority in the House of Representatives could be temporarily slimmed down.

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Cohen concludes his testimony, which is expected to be the final witness in the state’s case against Trump, paving the way for jury deliberations.

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