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Marysville woman sentenced to prison for running over and killing her husband

A Marysville woman who ran over and killed her husband in September 2020 was sentenced Friday to two years in prison, according to court documents.

Records show that 63-year-old Diane Thompson and her 64-year-old husband were married for 45 years. They have five daughters and two of them were living with their parents when the crime occurred in the 1500 block of 140th Street Northeast.

Thompson’s daughter told officers her father is a long-term alcoholic who often verbally abuses her mother. And they argue all the time.

She said her father was drunk before her mother ran him over and she heard her parents arguing loudly. At one point she heard them go outside and continue arguing. She went upstairs and then saw her mother leaving in her car and her father on the ground, motionless. She said she immediately called her relatives and 911.

Crews arrived and provided aid, but Thompson’s husband died at the scene.

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Documents say once crews got there, Thompson’s daughter saw her mother returning to the property. She also received a voicemail from her mother saying, “Was that him I ran over because he was right under the car?”

At the scene, officers spoke with Thompson, who continued to ask if her husband would be okay. Thompson told officers that she and her husband started arguing and “he wouldn’t stop arguing,” so she went to her car to leave. She said her husband followed her to the car and walked in front of her car. She said he wouldn’t move and then lay down in front of her car. Officers asked her if she had run over something and she said she felt a bump but “didn’t know what it was.”

A witness told officers he saw Thompson’s car drive forward, knocking her husband over, and then saw the car continue to run over him.

That night, Thompson was arrested. In May, she pleaded guilty to second-degree manslaughter.

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Thompson faces two years in prison starting Friday.

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