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Meet the Minnesota journalist who pioneered women’s sports reporting

MINNEAPOLIS – It’s a Friday evening in April at Target Center, and Charles Hallman is where he usually is, in the media room, several hours before tip-off.

Hallman writes for the Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder. It is the oldest continuously operating black newspaper in Minnesota.

“I started there in 1990, so I think I’m a few years into my 30s,” Hallman said.

Throughout his career he has discussed everything. Stories about race, politics and education are commonplace. One moment really stands out to Hallman.

“I interviewed Mrs. King and Mrs. Coretta Scott King. And I wish I would never forget, I interviewed her one on one,” he said.

While in college, Hallman began writing about women’s sports.

Charles Hallman


“During orientation, I met some young ladies who played for the Michigan State basketball team, and we got to know each other. So they said to me, ‘Come watch our games.’ Back then, games were free. This was before the NCAA took over women’s sports, so I watched the game and enjoyed it,” he said. “But there was no one there doing them, you know. I wonder why? So I started watching and watching women’s sports, not in a male chauvinistic way, but watching them, and these women can play. you know, why are” Are they not recognized? And so it was fortunate that I continued.”

Here’s what Mr. Hallman won’t tell you: He has been honored by the Women’s Basketball Coaches Association; the University of Minnesota Tucker Center named him to the Title IX Honor Roll; and he has been inducted into the US Basketball Writer’s Association Hall of Fame.

That last honor was a bit much for Hallman, so he asked his retired pastor to bless him.

“He said, ‘You never promoted yourself, you always put everyone else before you. So now God is telling you that you need your reward now,'” he said. “And when he told me that, it became a little easier. It’s still hard.”

For more on this story, including AJ Hilton’s personal connection to Hallman, visit WCCO Sunday Morning.

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