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Mexico recovers 2 bodies from the Rio Grande, one found near a floating barrier Texas installed

MEXICO CITY (AP) — Mexican authorities are trying to identify two bodies found this week in the Rio Grande, including one seen along the floating barrier that Texas Governor Greg Abbott recently installed in the Rio Grande, across from Eagle Pass, Texas.

Mexico’s Foreign Relations Department first reported on Wednesday that a body had been found along the floating barrier. The Coahuila State Department later told local media that the two bodies had been recovered and the identification process was underway.

The department initially said one body was found along the barrier, but hours later said a second body was about 5 kilometers upstream, away from the area of ​​the buoys. In both cases, the cause of death was unknown.

Many had warned of the danger of the barrier, designed to make it more difficult for migrants to climb over or swim under.

The department said Mexico had warned of the risks posed by the bright orange, ball-sized buoys on the Rio Grande. It also claimed that the barrier violates treaties regarding the use of the river and Mexico’s sovereignty.

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“We expressed concern about the impact on the security and human rights of migrants that this government policy would have,” the ministry said in a statement.

Mexico also said it was Texas Department of Public Safety officials who initially notified the Mexican consulate in Eagle Pass of a body on Tuesday.

The barrier was installed in July and stretches the length of about three football fields. It is designed to make it more difficult for migrants to climb over or swim under the barrier.

The US Department of Justice is suing Abbott over the floating barrier. The lawsuit filed Monday asks a court to force Texas to remove it. The Biden administration says the barrier raises humanitarian and environmental concerns.

The shackles are the latest escalation of Texas’ border security operation, which also includes barbed wire fences and arrests migrants on trespassing charges.

Migrants regularly drown on the Rio Grande. During the July 4 weekend, before the buoys were installed, four people, including a baby, drowned in the river at Eagle Pass.

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