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Michigan judge approves seasonal street closures in downtown Northville

NORTHVILLE, Mich. (CBS DETROIT) — Since the pandemic, Northville has closed two downtown streets. With a recent judge’s ruling, it adds a new layer to the debacle.

“My street is right off Center Street. When people don’t want to wait in line to come to Center, they cross our neighborhood. So now you can enjoy downtown on the street, but my grandchildren can’t come and play on my street,” said resident Cindi Brazen.

It’s a harsh reality for Brazen. She and other Northville residents are opposed to leaving downtown streets open.

A judge ruled that both East Main and North Center streets can close for the seasonal closure. Residents understand why the idea was initially proposed, but as COVID restrictions are eased, some locals find it an inconvenience.

“We have lost a lot of parking spaces recently, up to 300, due to the Downs development and other areas – it’s 292 to be specific — and then we lose everything here in the city,” said resident Steve Pichan.

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With the latest ruling, the city said it will continue to oppose the lawsuit that prompted the initial injunction. While residents hope for a miracle to stop the closures, there is a compromise.

“Open the streets Monday through Thursday. Close them on the weekend. So Monday through Thursday I can go to the stores I want to visit. I can do whatever I want,” said Teresa Folino.

Initially, when the closures first went into effect, they were intended to boost sales at area establishments.

Derek Blair’s Northville Gallery is located downtown. He is a fan of the closures, especially because he has parking behind his business.

“Because we have parking and the ability to park behind our store and many other stores and restaurants and all the parking here, it’s kind of ideal for a parking zone,” Blair told CBS News Detroit.

He said the street closures have helped bring new customers into his business. His profit figures have increased since the closures, and he expects them to continue to grow.

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“It’s made Northville a community, for anyone with families and whatever, but also to attract people from all over Metro Detroit,” Blair said.

According to the group Let’s Open Northville, they plan to explore other options, including an appeal. The city has not yet made it clear when exactly the streets will close after this latest ruling.

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