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Minneapolis resident wakes up to “extensive damage” in apartment

MINNEAPOLIS– A resident of a Minneapolis apartment said he woke up to find the lobby of his apartment broken into and vandalized.

Quinn Ohnstad said someone entered the building late at night and caused extensive damage.

“It was definitely a surprise to see my house destroyed,” Ohnstad said.

Ohnstad woke up to it around 6 a.m. Friday, in his lobby at the Soo Line Building City Apartments in downtown Minneapolis.

“I noticed there were a lot of broken vases,” Ohnstad said.

A trail of debris, not only vases but also furniture and broken glass.

“I was a little confused so I immediately went to take a look and realized that someone had attacked and vandalized the property,” Ohnstad said.

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Ohnstad was able to find a housekeeper who contacted property management.

“I live downtown, I understand there are inherent risks of living in a big city,” Ohnstad said.

Now, more than 24 hours later, Ohnstad says he has received no information from property management about what exactly happened.

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“It’s really concerning,” Ohnstad said.

“I would like to see 24/7 security on site, which obviously wasn’t happening if this happened in the early morning hours,” Ohnstad said.

Fortunately, Ohnstad said another set of closed doors separates the lobby from his apartment.

“But it was definitely a concern, it only took one door and they could have been there,” he said.

Ohnstad wrote about the incident on social media, with the message “lock your doors.”

“I really hope that we residents can feel safe in the place we call home, because otherwise it is a fantastic place,” Ohnstad said.

Minneapolis police said they have a description of the person who caused the damage, but no arrests have been made.

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