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Mom springs into action when a man goes into cardiac arrest behind the wheel in Eden Prairie Park

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. – A quick-thinking mom was honored this week for her help in saving a man’s life earlier this summer.

Duane Hookom left an event at the town of Eden Prairie in Nesbitt Preserve Park in June.

“I got in my car, wanted to drive off,” Hookom said. “I don’t remember anything else, and then Molly showed up.”

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Molly Menton was at the event with her kids and neighbors and saw Hookom drop over his handlebars and slowly move toward their group. She knew right away that he had a medical emergency.

As many heroes often say in hindsight, Menton says she didn’t think much about what she did next.

“I opened the passenger door and I think I made a quick decision,” said Menton. “Instead of trying to put my foot on the brake just because the car was moving, I thought it would be easier if I put my hands on the brake, so I just dove in.” [laughs]!”

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City of Eden Prairie

Fortunately for everyone, auxiliary personnel happened to be at the event. They raced to deal with Hookom while Menton held on tight to the brakes.

Hookom went into complete cardiac arrest. Eden Prairie police chief Matt Sackett says emergency responders administered AED shocks and CPR for three minutes.

“Ms. Menton’s actions gave emergency responders valuable time to begin providing care to the victim,” Sackett said at a city council meeting this week. “Ms. Menton’s actions were selfless and courageous.”

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The city presented Menton with a Citizen Lifesaving Award recognition.

She says it’s nice to be honored, but perhaps even more valuable to her is the lifelong bond she now shares with Hookom.

“Myself, my wife, my kids, my grandkids, my friends are just really, really thankful that Molly was there, as well as the first responders to keep me alive,” Hookom said. “The story stands on its own. Molly was the hero.”

Hookom is healthy and active again. He had never had a heart problem, but earlier that day he had a little chest pain.

Hookom wants his experience to be a reminder to pay attention to your body and take its signals seriously.

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