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Monroe police officer involved in traffic accident Monday night

A Monroe police officer and the driver of another vehicle were both injured in an accident Monday night.

The crash happened at about 11:30 p.m. at the intersection of North Monroe Street and West Elm Avenue, according to a press release from the Monroe Public Safety Department. Preliminary investigations revealed that the fully marked patrol vehicle was crossing the southbound intersection when a white SUV in front of the patrol vehicle turned left. The officer involved in the accident was not involved in a chase.

The driver of the white SUV has been taken to a local hospital for treatment of injuries, the release said. The police officer involved was also transported to a local hospital for treatment of minor injuries and subsequently released.

“Thank you to the Monroe Public Safety Department and Monroe Community Ambulance firefighters who assisted on the scene,” the release read.

Under department policy, when a Monroe police officer is involved in what could be a serious accident, an outside agency is brought in to investigate, the release said. The Michigan State Police was called in to assist in the investigation. Drugs or alcohol do not seem to play a role in this incident.

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“In the future, the investigation of this incident will continue by the Michigan State Police, with the full cooperation of the Monroe Police Department,” the release said.

All updates will be released by the Michigan State Police, the release said.

“We appreciate the patience and support of the public as those involved recover from their injuries,” the release read.

This article originally appeared on The Monroe News: Monroe Police Officer Involved in Traffic Accident on Feb. 27

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