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New Haven police take man into custody for domestic incident after hours of standoff

July 22 — Officers were called to a home on Jennings Way around 2:40 am on Thursday for a reported domestic incident involving a firearm. At the scene, officers learned that Randolph stole a Honda Pilot and fled the area, Dell said.

Dell noted that Randolph was wanted for several crimes, including theft, strangulation, endangerment and unlawful deprivation of liberty.

Detectives went looking for Randolph and finally found him later that night. At around 6:50 p.m., detectives followed the stolen Honda until it pulled into a driveway on County Street. They then activated their police lights and sirens to stop a vehicle, Dell said.

Detectives told Randolph to show his hands and leave the vehicle.

“However, Randolph refused to comply,” Dell said, prompting a response from the SWAT team and the Hostage and Crisis Negotiation Team.

“For about an hour, negotiators engaged in a dialogue with Randolph through the open sunroof,” Dell said. “The main negotiators were Lieutenant Werner and Detective Moore, who showed patience and determination to get suspect Randolph out of the safety of the vehicle. This conversation ended in Randolph’s peaceful surrender.’

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Police did not find a gun on Randolph or in the vehicle, Dell said.

Randolph was charged with first-degree robbery, reckless first-degree threat, first-degree threat, first-degree unlawful deprivation of liberty, second-degree unlawful deprivation of liberty, first-degree strangulation, third-degree strangulation, second-degree breach of peace and second-degree robbery, according to Dell.

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In addition to these charges, Randolph was charged with stealing a vehicle and interfering with the police. He also received “numerous outstanding warrants,” Dell said.

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