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NEXT Weather: Snow returns with a warning on Monday, Tuesday

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Spring officially kicks off in about a week, but winter proves it’s not over with us! A major late-season snowfall is hitting the Poconos early this week and we will feel the effects in the city and suburbs as well.


With this storm, a NEXT weather warning is in effect from Monday night to Tuesday afternoon.

It’s a complicated setup as late tonight we see a low pressure area move off the coast of the Carolinas and begin to move up the coast. Similar to Friday night’s storm, it will strengthen offshore, but is expected to linger longer and strengthen just offshore, leading to a prolonged period of impact from Monday morning through Wednesday.

This is the timing of the impact from now on in our area.

Monday morning: light showers around city and suburbs, snow showers in Poconos

Monday afternoon: rain showers become more frequent, snow increases in Poconos

Monday night: rain can turn into a bout of snow near Philadelphia, steady snow in the Poconos

Tuesday morning: scattered snow showers/showers near city and suburbs, steady snow in Poconos, wind picking up

Tuesday evening: snow chances diminish, wind gusts over 40 mph

Wednesday: sun returns, wind gusts over 35 mph


As for the commute, you’ll have light showers for the Monday morning drive, a steady rain for the Monday PM drive, and then windy and possible snow showers or gusts for the Tuesday morning commute. Most of the precipitation should be out by Tuesday evening, but we’ll keep a close eye on it.


Due to the long-term nature of this system, snow can build up in the Poconos. It is likely to start snowing lightly at the highest elevations Monday morning and then continue with varying intensity until Tuesday afternoon. This will provide 6-12″ of snow with the highest amounts at the highest elevations. Further south we don’t see much in the way of significant accumulation as this will be mostly rain until late Monday evening or Tuesday, but I may close an inch or two not out, depending on the placement of the low and wraparound snow bands, possibly higher locally in parts of the Lehigh Valley.


Winds may be the biggest threat in the city and surrounding suburbs — gusts will top 30 mph early Tuesday and then increase to more than 40 mph by late Tuesday. A wind advisory is likely for the area. Even with the sun returning on Wednesday, windy conditions continue.

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