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Nicole Brown Simpson’s life is re-examined in a new documentary, Darius Rucker’s memoir details the peaks and valleys of rock stars, Jeremy Renner returns as ‘mayor of Kingstown’

Hello friends! I’m Kelsey, your guide to all things pop culture for Yahoo Entertainment, and this is the The list, our weekly roundup of what’s new and noteworthy. This week my brilliant colleagues recommended a slew of upcoming releases to watch, stream, listen, read and binge. Let me walk you through my favorites.

Tobi Bamtefa and Jeremy Renner star in Mayor of Kingstown.

Tobi Bamtefa and Jeremy Renner star Mayor of Kingstown. (Dennis P. Mong Jr./Paramount+)

  • When: Mayor of Kingstown Season 3 premieres June 2 on Paramount+

  • What to know: Renner returns as Mike McLusky. The crime drama follows a Michigan family who act as mediators between the local jail, law enforcement agencies and gangs.

  • Production on Season 3 began a year after the actor and executive producer’s near-fatal snowplow accident.

  • Renner told editor-reporter Laura Clark in an interview that the show’s cast and crew, which suffered two strikes, served as a motivator to return to the set.

  • “What should I do, just fail?” he said. ‘Then everyone will no longer have a job.’

  • Why I binge: I’m catching up on recent seasons of the show so I can feel the full force of Renner’s wildly compelling comeback.

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  • When: Summer camp is in cinemas from May 31.

  • What to know: Best friends, played by Diane Keaton, Kathy Bates and Alfre Woodard, attend a summer camp reunion after years apart.

  • “Every scene with the three of us together was full of laughter and was the most fun,” Diane Keaton told People.

  • Eugene Levy also stars as a love interest.

  • Why I’m going to watch: It feels like every year there’s a new crazy summer movie about old friends loving life (Book Club, 80 for Brady, etc.). I want to have fun with them!

  • When: Esra is in cinemas from May 31.

  • What to know: Bobby Cannavale stars as a divorced father and comedian who takes his autistic son Ezra on a road trip.

  • Ezra is played by actor William A. Fitzgerald, who is also autistic.

  • Editorial reporter Laura Clark noted that the script, written by Tony Spiridakis, was inspired by his own experience as the father of a neurodivergent son.

  • Robert De Niro stars as the boy’s grandfather. Rose Byrne, Whoopi Goldberg and director Tony Goldwyn complete the cast.

  • Why I’m going to watch: Of course, summer is the perfect time to watch a road trip movie. I’m also really happy to see the representation of autism on screen.

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Darius Rucker attends the 2019 Music Biz 2019 Awards & Hall of Fame event in Nashville.Darius Rucker attends the 2019 Music Biz 2019 Awards & Hall of Fame event in Nashville.

Darius Rucker attends the 2019 Music Biz 2019 Awards & Hall of Fame event. (Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

  • When: Life is too short can be purchased from May 28.

  • What to know: Hootie & the Blowfish rose to fame with its debut in 1994 Cracked rear viewgiving the frontman stories from that time in abundance.

  • The band, friends from college, struggled to match their success and the excessive partying took its toll, including on Rucker’s marriage.

  • Entertainment reporter Suzy Byrne told me the memoir is filled with fun frontman stories — like doing naked yoga with a bunch of strangers at Woody Harrelson’s house — and insight into Rucker’s musical influences.

  • Rucker writes that he’s “a black man trying to break into country music” and thinks “no one will take me seriously” before scoring a solo Grammy in 2013 for “Wagon Wheel.”

  • Why I’m going to read: Rucker has gossip spanning multiple decades and music genres. Who could resist this?!

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Nicole Brown Simpson at an anti-paralysis benefit in New York City in 1989.Nicole Brown Simpson at an anti-paralysis benefit in New York City in 1989.

Nicole Brown Simpson during a paralysis benefit in New York City in 1989. (Ron Galella/Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images)

  • When: The life and murder of Nicole Brown Simpsona two-part documentary, premieres June 1 and 2 on Lifetime.

  • What to know: Nicole Brown Simpson’s sisters tell her story and say it has been lost in the shadows of the ‘trial of the century’.

  • “Shocking new details” are also promised in the document, which airs just before the 30th anniversary of her murder on June 12, 1994, and nearly two months after the NFL star’s death.

  • Entertainment reporter Suzy Byrne said there are 50 participants in total, including friends Kris Jenner and Faye Resnick, who are opening up about the mother of two.

  • Why I’m going to watch: After so many years in the background of reporting on her own murder, this documentary uses home movies to tell Brown Simpson’s story through her “own story and voice.”

We’ll be back next week with our latest picks. Want more It list? click here.

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