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Nikki Haley could abandon her pledge to support the eventual GOP nominee

Nikki Haley is doubting her promise to support the Republican candidate for president in November.

During an appearance on Meet the Press on Sunday, the former South Carolina governor told NBC’s Kristen Welker that she was not entertaining the idea of ​​supporting the campaign. Donald Trump while her race is still going on.

Asked if she was “in a different place” from Trump since she pledged to vote for him during the first Republican primary debate last August, Haley said: “When you’re talking about an endorsement, you’re talking about a loss . I don’t think about it that way.”

“The RNC is not the same RNC now. I will decide what decision I want to make,” she continued. Haley is Trump’s latest rival for the Republican presidential ticket.

Although Haley has yet to win a single Republican primary, she told Welker that she remained focused on next Super Tuesday, when 15 states and the territory of American Samoa go to the polls.

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“While you’re all thinking about that, I’m looking at the fact that we had thousands of people in Virginia,” Haley told Welker. “We’re heading to North Carolina, we’ll continue to Vermont and Maine, and all these states to show people that there is a way forward.”

“I don’t look at what ifs,” she continued. “I’m looking at, ‘How do we continue the conversation?'”

Watch Haley’s full commentary from “Meet the Press” here:


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