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Ninth bus of migrants arrives in LA from Texas

Bus of migrants sent to Los Angeles during Hilary

Bus of migrants sent to Los Angeles during Hilary


Texas has sent Los Angeles another busload of migrants, its ninth in recent months, according to the mayor’s office.

“It is bad to put the lives of vulnerable migrants at risk by sending a bus with families and toddlers on board to a city that was under an unprecedented tropical storm warning at the time,” Mayor Karen Bass said in a statement.

The bus departed Brownsville, Texas during Tropical Storm Hilary on Sunday, according to the mayor’s office. It arrived at Union Station about 6:45 PM tonight.

“While I joined with state and local leaders in warning Angelenos to stay safe and brace for the worst of the coming storm, the governor of Texas sent families and toddlers straight at us on a path through extreme weather,” said them in a statement. . “If anyone understands the danger of hurricanes and thunderstorms, it’s the governor of Texas – who faces this threat every year. This is a despicable act beyond politics.”

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The first few busloads of Texas migrants arrived 14th of June. They were taken to St. Anthony’s Croatian Catholic Church in Chinatown by the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles.

A bus carrying dozens of migrants from Texas arrived at Union Station in downtown Los Angeles on Saturday, July 1, 2023.
The Croatian Catholic Church of St. Anthony served as temporary accommodation for migrants in the past. The authorities would provide them with basic necessities, medical care and legal services as soon as they arrived at the church.

Raul Roa

Texas Governor Greg Abbott said the state’s small border towns were “overwhelmed and overrun by thousands of people” entering the state from Mexico. He blamed President Joe Biden’s “refusal to secure the border”.

Bass’s office said they are sticking to the plan they laid out earlier this year and will work with the county and nonprofits to care for the migrants. It is not clear how many passengers were on the bus.

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