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North Korea launches more missiles into the sea as military exercises between the US and South Korea end

North Korea continued missile testing this week and fired several more cruise missiles into the sea on Saturday, the South Korean military said.

The missile tests come as joint military exercises between the US and South Korea ended this week.

The North Korean government called the 11-day training exercises “preparation for an invasion,” prompting multiple rounds of missile tests in recent weeks.

The country launched two ballistic missiles on Wednesday night, simulating a “scorched earth” nuclear strike, targeting South Korean military command centers. Those tests were accompanied by commando exercises in which the North Korean military rehearsed an occupation of the South.

“Due to the reckless confrontational moves of the US and other hostile forces, the waters around the Korean Peninsula have been reduced to the world’s largest war material concentration center, the most unstable waters at risk of nuclear war,” said leader Kim Jong-un. un. said in a speech this week, according to state media.

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North Korea has conducted more than 100 missile tests since early last year as tensions between the country and the US-South Korean alliance escalate. Earlier this month, Kim ordered factories to “drastically ramp up” ballistic missile production.

The US warned this week that an arms deal between North Korea and Russia may be in the offing, saying negotiations are “actively progressing.”

“On numerous occasions, the DPRK has publicly stated that they will not sell to Russia, but we remain concerned that the DPRK continues to consider providing military support to Russian forces in Ukraine,” National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said in a statement. briefing with reporters on Wednesday.

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