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‘Not one of my proudest moments’

  • Jason Bateman once had a “meltdown” while trying to record an episode of the “SmartLess” podcast.

  • His computer didn’t work when he tried to record with Matthew McConaughey.

  • On the latest episode of the podcast, he said: “It’s not one of my proudest moments.”

Actor Jason Bateman once had a “complete meltdown” in front of Matthew McConaughey while experiencing technical difficulties during a taping of his “SmartLess” podcast.

At least that’s how his cohost Will Arnett described it on Monday’s episode of the podcast, in which Bateman, Arnett and their cohost Sean Hayes finally interviewed McConaughey after a failed attempt that Arnett says happened at least two years ago.

The premise of “SmartLess” revolves around the three cohosts who take turns choosing a mystery guest each week, and on Monday, McConaughey joined the gang to talk about his new book.

Before the interview began, however, the stars recalled the first time they tried to record a podcast with the Oscar winner, which had to be scrapped due to Bateman’s computer problems.

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Arnett then played an audio recording of Bateman’s response to the technical difficulties, with Bateman sheepishly saying, “Oh no, please, no play.”

In the audio, someone could be heard explaining that Bateman was having trouble with his computer before the actor rejoined the conversation.

“I don’t see it in the sound thing here, so let’s just cancel it. Let’s reschedule this thing. I’m in a total tailspin,” Bateman could be heard saying.

After hearing the cohost throw in the towel, McConaughey started laughing uncontrollably, seemingly annoying Bateman. It should be noted, per the show’s premise, that Bateman was unaware that McConaughey was the episode’s scheduled guest.

“Who the fuck is that? Great, that’s helpful,” Bateman said in the clip.

McConaughey could then be heard saying, “Let me tell you what I’ve heard here in the last 30 minutes,” before delivering his own version of Bateman’s meltdown.

‘We have to restart here. His iPad was cloned and then erased right before the dog peed on it, so I have to do another reboot,” McConaughey said, mimicking the cohost.

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Listening back to the clip, Bateman said on Monday’s podcast: “It’s not one of my proudest moments.”

“The worst part is when I hear someone laughing, thinking it’s Will or Sean, and saying, ‘Who did that? That doesn’t help,'” Bateman recalls. “And then I closed my laptop, grabbed my ball and went home like a bitch.”

“I was so angry,” the actor continued. “I think you might have told me he was a big guy, so don’t worry. I just knew I blew it.”

Bateman said directly to McConaughey, “Listen, Matthew, I can’t thank you enough for coming back from that absolute obliteration.”

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