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OpenAI and robotics start-up Figure is working on a humanoid robot project

The makers of the chatbot ChatGPT want to bring their artificial intelligence software to humanoid robots.

The start-up Figure wants to use OpenAI to develop new AI models for its machines, which can walk upright and perform complex movements with their mechanical hands.

In January, Figure agreed with BMW to supply future robots for use in car production in the US state of South Carolina.

OpenAI’s AI software is trained with enormous amounts of data. Figure recently demonstrated in a video how the company’s robot prototype prepares a cup of coffee using a capsule machine. This includes fine movements such as grasping the capsule and placing it into the machine. According to Figure, the robot learned this within 10 hours.

The Silicon Valley robotics company also announced a $675 million funding round on Thursday. The figure was estimated at a total of $2.6 billion. In addition to the OpenAI seed fund, backers include chip companies Nvidia and Intel, as well as Microsoft and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.

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The company Boston Dynamics, which is now owned by the South Korean car manufacturer Hyundai, has also been working on humanoid robots for several years. And technology billionaire Elon Musk is developing an upright robot called Optimus at Tesla, the electric car maker he heads.

Figure wants to deploy its robots commercially as quickly as possible, company boss Brett Adcock said on Thursday. Former employees of Boston Dynamics and Tesla are also active at the company.

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