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‘Out on 5th’ begins in the Oregon District with extra security measures in place

“Out on 5th” kicked off Friday evening at Oregon District.

News Center 7 previously reported that the city installed brand new removable traffic barriers in March to make outdoor events safer.

The barriers have been replaced at every entrance to Fifth Street in the Oregon District. People partying said it’s fun to have weekends like this where big crowds are drinking.

“We really liked that they can stop traffic on the weekends so people can walk outside with strollers or puppies,” said Analisa Meyer.

Meyer brought two dogs that needed to be adopted.

“We love that they get to explore the bars and restaurants here and feel comfortable walking dogs and pets, and it feels very safe,” Meyer said.

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Dane Thomas has been managing bars in the Oregon District for nearly two decades.

The new barriers will prevent traffic from entering Fifth Street from Patterson Boulevard to Wayne Avenue.

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He said the first day of Out on Fifth brings a large crowd of people to the area every year.

There are several ways Thomas and Dayton police work to keep the area safe.

“They have police stationed here,” Thomas said.

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On top of that, his trained private bar attendant.

“We go through a Dayton Bar Safe program run by the police department that teaches them what to do and what not to do,” he said.

Meyer said it makes her feel safe on weekends in Oregon.

“Even when I’m alone, I feel very comfortable here, no matter what’s in the news. “I still feel like coming to Fifth Street is a very comfortable and safe place to go,” she said.

Meyer also noted that if you plan on coming to the event, be sure you know where to park and how to get there, given the new barriers.

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