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Perry and Curran react to Pat’s meeting with Michael Penix Jr.

Perry and Curran react to Pat’s meeting with Michael Penix Jr., originally appeared on NBC Sports Boston

The New England Patriots are doing their due diligence as they search for their next franchise quarterback.

With the third overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft, the Patriots are primarily linked to top QB prospects Drake Maye, Jayden Daniels and JJ McCarthy. ESPN’s Adam Schefter recently reported that New England will likely choose between Maye or McCarthy, with the Washington Commanders likely to acquire Daniels’ No. 2 pick. But what if neither option sells them?

To cover all their bases, the Patriots are reportedly meeting with Washington QB Michael Penix, who is widely considered one of the second-string QB options in this year’s draft. Our Phil Perry and Tom E. Curran shared their immediate reactions to that news on Monday Early edition.

“Really interesting, because he’s not in that league as far as a top first-round pick. He’s not viewed that way by the league,” Perry said. “And so now they’re broadening their search, and I wonder if they’re broadening it too, because there might be some of that same disagreement, lack of consensus, that Tom and I had at the top of the show about JJ McCarthy And if they think it’s best for us if we can’t settle for one guy from three total, if we end up trading back, we’re now open to the second tier of quarterbacks, whether it’s Michael Penix or Bo Nix, or maybe even further Spencer Rattler, those kinds of people.”

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While Penix carries a lot of risk and a first-round selection could be a reach, Perry recognizes his big advantage.

“He comes with several concerns,” Perry said of Penix. “He’s off the charts in terms of the intangibles. Strong, he’s been through a lot personally, he’s had two season-ending knee injuries and two season-ending shoulder surgeries. So all kinds of grit there and he has played some really high-level football over the last few years, but there are a lot of things that make him a second-round prospect, as opposed to a high first-round prospect like some of these other guys.”

Curran believes Penix’s toughness makes him an intriguing option for Patriots head coach Jerod Mayo and de facto general manager Eliot Wolf. He could be among the best QBs available to New England if it chooses to trade the No. 3 overall pick for a slew of assets.

“When Jerod Mayo and Eliot Wolf discussed all the quarterback prospects, they talked about the toughness and having physical and mental toughness when they get here is absolutely essential,” Curran said. “So Penix, to me, if you end up getting the trade and you get Michael Penix and you have artillery to fill wide receiver, offensive tackle, cornerback, edge, all or most of those spots, that’s great. That’s awesome.

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“In many ways, the Patriots shouldn’t be able to go wrong in this draft. They might screw up after the player gets here, but the player they select will be worthy of being a starting quarterback in the NFL. “

Day 1 of the 2024 NFL Draft is scheduled for April 25.

You can hear everything Perry and Curran had to say about Penix Jr. in the video player above.

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