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Peyton Manning: Running an NFL team is not on my radar

Peyton Manning’s name sometimes comes up as a person who could become a part-owner of an NFL team, or an executive who directs a team’s operations. But he says he’s not interested in that.

Manning told the Denver Post that he enjoys the role he currently holds by staying in touch with the teams he played for while working on his Omaha Productions, and he doesn’t see himself joining the front office of an NFL team.

‘I do not think so somewhere on my radar in any way,” Manning said of leading a team. “I love being an ambassador for the Broncos and for the Colts, for the University of Tennessee. Of course, if I live here, I get to go to all the Broncos games. I was recently in the institution. Our children play sports in the Dove Valley area, so I’m probably at the facility a few times a week. They have great snacks there in their cafeteria. I don’t know if I have to pay fees for that or what. I still have my keychain from when I played. Keith Bishop [the former Broncos linebacker who now runs security for the team] never got that to go away, so that’s helpful too. I’m glad I’m still part of the team and part of the community. . . . I still feel an attachment and also really enjoyed getting to know the Walton-Penner family. But as far as running a team, I don’t think that’s on my radar.”

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Manning’s name is highly regarded in football circles, and bringing him on board would be a great way for an owner to enhance his team’s reputation. But Manning should be interested, and right now he says he isn’t.

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