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Philadelphia mass shooting: New timeline raises questions of shipping mishap

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The Philadelphia Police Department has announced a new timeline to the Kingsessing mass shooting on Sunday.

The police are now saying the first victim – Joseph Wamah Jr. – was killed almost two days before the shooting and officers were sent to the wrong part of town.

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“I’m traumatized,” said Josephine Wamah, Joseph’s sister. “I feel like I have PTSD again.”

Josephine Wamah only spoke to CBS News Philadelphiasaying this new information about her brother’s death only means more grief for the family.

“This is just a shame across the board,” said Danielle Outlaw, Philadelphia Police Commissioner.

Philadelphia police say Joseph Wamah Jr. – one of five victims believed to have died in the Kingsessing mass shooting on 3 July – actually killed 44 hours before.

And there’s a 911 call to support that.

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“We were able to determine that the Philadelphia Police Department received an 911 call at approximately 2 a.m. on July 2,” Outlaw said.

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Police said the call was allegedly placed by a neighbor in the 1600 block of South 56th Street.

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But when agents were dispatched to check the report, they were sent to North 56th – about three miles away.

“One, six, zero, zero, North 56th Street, it will be gunshots heard from inside a house,” the 911 audio said.

“I think they never used north or south in the conversation and there was a mistake. Someone put it in the wrong location,” Deputy Commissioner Frank Vanore said.

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Police say Kimbrady Carricker – the suspect in the Kingsessing mass shooting – is still believed to be Joseph Wamah Jr. to have killed.

But the shipping mishap raises questions — if agents had been sent to the right address — could Monday’s mass shooting have been prevented?

“While it may have given us an investigative clue, we just don’t know how likely this is to stop what happened later on,” Outlaw said.

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So far, police have made no connection between Joseph Wamah Jr. and Carricker. But Josephine Wamah claims her brother’s death was a random act of violence.

“We didn’t even know you. We never saw you. How do you do that? How do you go into someone’s house and turn it on just like that, and chase them like that?” said Josephine Wamah.

Police say they are actively investigating what went wrong and why officers were not sent to the correct scene of the shooting.

No motive has been released for the shooting of Joseph Wamah Jr. or the mass shooting the following night.

The Philadelphia Police Department provides an update on the Kingsess mass shooting investigation after new details are revealed


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