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Police officers will drive emergency vehicles to Africa

Two West Mercia police officers plan to drive disused ambulances and fire trucks across Spain and the west side of Africa before donating the vehicles to communities in Gambia.

PC Chris Fowler and Sergeant Rob Seewoosaha will leave in September to help the Emergency Services Aid Charity.

Their journey will take approximately two and a half weeks.

Interim Chief Constable Alex Murray said: “Their actions will make a real difference towards the efforts of this important charity and its global mission.”

The duo’s adventure sees them travel from the southern coast of Britain, board a ferry to northern Spain, drive south and cross the Strait of Gibraltar.

From there they travel along the west coast of the African continent via Morocco, Western Sahara, Mauritania, Senegal and then to Gambia.

But first they need to raise £6,000, which will go towards purchasing the vehicles, servicing them, fueling them and maintaining them.

To raise the money they have so far completed a pub quiz at The Arch Rivals and secured sponsorship from MOSU hair in Worcester.

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On June 24, they will walk from the southernmost point of the Malvern Hills to the northernmost point, climbing each individual hill and covering more than 10 miles – while wearing full protective uniform and equipment.

Sergeant Seewoosaha said: “This will be difficult and most certainly painful with the amount of equipment we will be taking with us, but it is all for a great cause that is helping so many people who really need the support.”

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