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Political grudge leads to defamation lawsuit against former Republican leader, conservative PAC

May 20 – A prominent Albuquerque businessman is accusing the former director of the Republican Party of New Mexico and a conservative political action committee of defamation in what he describes as their unbridled attempt to quash his wife’s political ambitions.

Brad B. Allen alleges in a recently filed lawsuit that Anissa Tinnin and Our Values ​​PAC smeared his reputation by falsely labeling him as a sexual harasser “as a means of furthering their political revenge against his wife,” Sarah Jane Allen promote. nomination for the open House District 31 seat in the June 4 primary.

“Mr. Allen seeks compensation for the harm Defendants caused him and an end to their reckless disregard for his interests in their opportunistic attempt to torpedo his wife’s political fortunes,” the lawsuit said.

Russell S. Warren III, an attorney for Tinnin and Our Values ​​PAC, called the lawsuit frivolous and said there would be a response to the complaint that would reveal “all the facts.”

“We look forward to providing the court and the public with more information about this ridiculous defamation allegation,” he said in a statement.

Tinnin, whose phone number for the PAC is listed in campaign finance reports, declined to comment. She served as GOP executive director in 2019 and 2020, according to a party spokeswoman.

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“I’m not going to talk to the press right now,” she said.

After Sarah Jane Allen announced her intention to challenge the incumbent candidate for the position of national committee member to represent New Mexico on the Republican National Committee, and to run for the House District 31 seat, Tinnin would give her something “We are coming after you,” the lawsuit states.

The lawsuit does not explicitly describe the basis of their beef.

But Tinnin’s stepdaughter, Courtney Tinnin, alleged that Brad B. Allen sexually harassed and “proposed” her years ago while she worked for Allen Sigmon Real Estate Group, where he is a director and co-founder.

Courtney Tinnin claimed he told her he wanted to be “physically close to her,” which she said was a request to have sex, and asked if he could hug her, according to her complaint.

Courtney Tinnin negotiated a $48,000 settlement within two months of filing the complaint and agreed to dismiss her claims, although the case languished for some time before being dismissed for “lack of prosecution,” according to the lawsuit.

“Although Ms. Tinnin’s allegations of harassment were false, Mr. Allen and Allen Sigmon Real Estate Group nonetheless agreed to her settlement terms because it would have cost them far more in costs and attorneys’ fees than $48,000 to successfully defend against her false claims,” the lawsuit said.

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As part of the settlement, Courtney Tinnin acknowledged that Brad B. Allen “believed in good faith that her claims against him were not valid,” according to the lawsuit.

Her allegations of sexual harassment have resurfaced in recent months in a politically charged environment.

But “alleged” never appeared as a warning.

Brad B. Allen claims that Anissa Tinnin wrote an email to delegates to the 2024 New Mexico Republican Party Quadrennial Convention stating that Courtney Tinnin informed her that he had sexually harassed her when he was her boss at the Allen Sigmon Real Estate Group. She identified him in the email as Sarah Jane Allen’s husband, the lawsuit said.

Anissa Tinnin also alluded to the sexual harassment allegations on Facebook. She “published a statement on Facebook” demanding to know why Sarah Jane Allen was challenging an incumbent candidate for national committee and at the same time running for a seat in the House of Representatives, the lawsuit said. In closing, she allegedly wrote, “Oh, and remind me: do you support the sexual harassment of women in the workplace? Asking for a friend…”

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The lawsuit also takes issue with a website paid for by Our Values ​​PAC, which claims Brad B. Allen “sexually harassed a young woman in his office” in 2020.

The website claims Sarah Jane Allen ‘re-victimized’ the woman when she showed up at her new workplace and threatened her in February.

Sarah Jane Allen is running for the Republican nomination for House District 31 against Nicole Chavez and Patrick Huested. The winner of the June primary will face Democrat Vicky Estrada-Bstillillo in the November general election.

The seat is being vacated by Rep. Bill Rehm, R-Albuquerque, who is retiring after nearly two decades in the Legislature.

“The tragic part of this lawsuit by Brad Allen, husband of Sarah Jane Allen, is the re-victimization and attempt to silence an already traumatized victim for political purposes,” Warren said. “It’s shameless and heartbreaking.”

Brad B. Allen’s attorney, Clinton W. Marrs, said the complaint against Tinnin and the PAC speaks for itself.

“The responsible thing for me to do is not to cover the matter in the news media,” he said. “For me, that’s the best way to respect the process.”

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