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Putin, China, Russia, BRICS, Ukraine, Hilary, heat, weather, flood, Texas, COVID, Maui: Daily Briefing

At a summit in South Africa this week, Russia and China will try to gain more political and economic ground in the developing world, capitalizing on their frustration with US and European dominance. Also in the news: Hilary may be rolling north, but a new tropical storm system is expected to hit Texas on Tuesday. Sha’Carri Richardson is now the fastest woman in the world.

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Now, here we go Tuesday’s news.

Russia’s Putin stays away on arrest warrant as emerging market leaders meet in South Africa

Russian President Vladimir Putin will notably be absent as Chinese President Xi Jinping and other leaders of the BRICS economic bloc begin a three-day summit in South Africa on Tuesday. Putin must participate via video call after his trip was hampered by an International Criminal Court arrest warrant issued against him in March for kidnapping children from Ukraine. The US and Europe are also paying attention to the meeting as leaders from Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa are likely to address the potential growth of the BRICS and their criticism of the US dollar’s dominance as the world currency for international trade. . read more

Hilary causes flooding as the scorching heat hits millions

The remnants of Hurricane Hilary are rolling north toward parts of Oregon and Idaho, where some areas could be hit by up to 5 inches Tuesday morning, resulting in some “significant” flash flooding, weather experts say.

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Southern California is not free of Hilary. Road and rail closures due to major flooding, wash-offs and mudslides can be expected, putting strain on already overburdened infrastructure.

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