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Putin complains that Russia cannot cease fire when attacked

Russian president Vladimir Putin has said that one of the points of the “peace initiative” of African countries on the ceasefire cannot be implemented in the conditions of the offensive conducted by the defence forces of Ukraine.

Source: Interfax and Kremlin-aligned RIA Novosti, citing Putin in an interview with journalists on Saturday

Quote: “One of the points (of the initiative of African countries) cannot be implemented – there are things that may be difficult to implement or cannot be implemented. One of the points there is a ceasefire.

But the Ukrainian army is advancing, they are on the attack, implementing a large-scale strategic offensive. There is no reason to turn to us for a ceasefire. We cannot cease fire when we are being attacked.”

Details: At the same time, he assures that there are currently no active hostilities on the front, the Ukrainian counteroffensive has allegedly been stopped on all fronts, and in one area, the Russian military has been on the attack.

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The Russian president also claims that Ukraine supposedly lost more than 400 tanks and more than 1,300 armoured vehicles since the start of the counteroffensive.

Putin also said that no one wants any clashes between Russia and NATO, “but if someone wants it, we are ready.”

He also claims that Russia allegedly struck the places where the drones used by the defence forces to attack the Kerch (Crimean) Bridge were produced.

Putin stated that he does not consider it his business to manage the troops, therefore he does not receive hourly reports on the “special military operation” (the term “war” is prohibited in Russia – ed.), as the war against Ukraine is called in Russia, but he contacts the Ministry of Defence several times a day.

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